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Why You Should Paint the Interior of your SC Home During Winter and Fall Seasons

You are looking to paint the interior of your house, but word on the street is you still need to give it some time. Winter and fall are generally not good months to paint, everyone says. Well, we are here to assure you that painting the interior of your home needs not to be reserved for spring and summer only. Fall and winter home painting is professionally doable, and as effectively as with the hotter months.

Traditionally, most homeowners have reserved painting for the hotter months, because of the general misconception that paint would never dry in winter and fall. Thanks to advancement in technology and painting contractors all around us, colder months painting is achievable.

At Colorworks painting, we pride ourselves as market leaders in Hilton Head SC. For us, winter, spring, summer and fall times are painting times, and we work round the clock to ensure your home is inviting and looking great. The good news is that you have no reason to wait until the hotter months to get your painting jobs done.

Fall and Winter Painting

Paint should never be applied at under 50 degrees to allow for proper drying. At the same time, high humidity interferes with the drying of the paint, and that is why painting during winter months works, too. The less humidity during winter allows for good drying of the paint.

In order to hire a home painter in the colder months, there are several measures you should ensure are in place. First, the temperature of the rooms and their walls should be ideal. As we have seen earlier, the painting should be done at temperatures above 50 degrees. The wall temperatures also come into play. If the walls are too cold, the paint will not adhere properly, and drying will be impossible.

In the colder months, the outside chill is likely to permeate the walls of your house. It is vital that you take care of these temperature extremes before calling in your painting contractor. Turning up your thermostat during and after the painting job will significantly aid the job. This is because the paint will not adhere to a chilled wall.

During hotter months, the humidity in your home rises, and this could interfere with the drying of the paint. The amount of humidity is determined by the amount of moisture particles in the air. It is advised to ensure less humidity in the rooms so the paint can dry adequately.

Painting during summer is not ideal. The walls could be extremely dry, leading into the paint not adhering or drying up so fast, which could result in peeling in the future. The high humidity experienced in the hotter months is not recommended for proper paint drying.

Reasons for painting in Winter and Fall

There are several reasons why you should hire a home painter in the colder months.

You are most likely lesser-priced interior house painter quote at these times of the year. Most homeowners reserve the hotter months for painting works, so hiring painting professionals will be prudent in the colder months.

Painting the interior of your house in the colder months allows for the job to be done completely indoors. Most rewarding jobs during these times need to be the ones that can effectively be done indoors.

Less humidity in the colder months eases the drying of the paint. There is less moisture content in the air to inhibit the evaporation and drying of your paint. The more humidity experienced in hotter months may cause your paint to clump, peel and crack.

As long as you amply ventilate your rooms, you should be good to go. Because paint smell can be quite strong for the nose, airing your rooms while and after the painting is paramount. While opening your windows during winter is not a good idea, proper ventilation and a little bit more of heating up your house will be required. Paying slightly more to power up the heating unit will be cheaper than hiring painting professionals during summer.

It is hassle-free to paint in the colder months. This is due to minimized activity and the availability of professional painters. Hotter months can be hectic with events, holidays, picnics and outings, leaving you very little or no painting time at all. Getting a reputable professional is also very hard because of their crazy schedules in spring and summer, not forgetting the cheaper house painter quotes in winter. You want to take advantage of these colder times to get all your painting work done.

Most people spend the most indoor time during fall and winter. If we are to enjoy the great aesthetic value that indoor painting brings, the best time will be during the colder months. That is when we have more than enough time to appreciate the beauty and warmth in our homes.

Painting the interior of your house during the colder months allows you to enjoy the coming hotter months to the maximum. You don’t want to be dealing with painters and guests at the same time or having to cancel special outings so you can have your painting done. Painting during fall and winter will allow you to spend the hotter months in comfort.

Colorworks Painting professionals, Hilton Head SC will expertly guide you on choosing the best paints with zero toxic compounds. We understand that protecting our environment is paramount, and we are experienced in this field so you can relax in good hands.

Paint the Inside of Your House!

There is no better timing to paint the interior of your house than the colder months. Our qualified team of professionals will advise you, guide you and eventually deliver that beautiful paintwork that you have been wanting.

Contact us today to request for your quote and let us help you achieve your dream painting for the interior of your house.

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