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Why Should You Get Your Commercial Building Painted Right Now!

Commercial painting services are necessary for all industrial businesses, but you may feel like you do not have the money or time to get the job done. You simply cannot wait any longer to get your building painted. Step outside to see how much the building or storefront has deteriorated. You can use these tips to find the perfect time to paint your commercial facility. Most companies that have a big painting job done will bring in the painters when they are closed. Read more to learn how this process works.

What Is The Best Environment For A Commercial Painting Contractor?

COVID 19 has caused all businesses to shut down, so why is this a good thing for you? The best environment for a commercial painting contractor is an empty building. An empty building is easy to navigate, there are no people to contend with, and the painters can paint without worrying about disrupting the business. This is obvious if you consider the way that you like to work. You do not want to be disturbed when you are working, and your painter would prefer not to be disturbed.

You might also want to stay as far away from the painters as possible. Allow them to work without answering questions, contact the foreman if you have any problems, and ask for updates once a day.

When Is Your Building Empty?

You need to think about when the building is empty. Right now, chances are it is, but if you are open here are some other times that can make sense. If your business closes during certain parts of the year, that is the perfect time to have the building painted. If you have a long weekend when you plan to close, you can bring in the painters at that time. You might have a slow time of year when you can easily get the building painted, or you might send everyone home for a few days. During this pandemic, most employees are working from home, so doing it now can have them return to a beautiful building.

When you get the estimate for your commercial painting service, you should ask the painter about how long it will take to complete the job. You can find the right time to close, or you can choose the next weekend. You could even close on a Monday so that your painters have a three-day weekend to work with.

If you need certain people to come through the building while it is painted, they should be instructed to enter the building through certain doors, at certain times, and only stay for a few minutes. You should let the painters know that you will have a few employees coming through the building, and the painters can continue working as normal.

Are There Businesses That Never Close?

Some businesses never close. You might manage a hotel, gas station, or store that needs to be open 24 hours like a pharmacy. You may be in production at all times because your company must keep up with its deadlines, and you can work with the painter to pick the perfect plan for painting the building.

The commercial painting services provider will tell you to close down different parts of the building during the job. You can easily shut down a few rooms while the job is done, and you can shut down a few more rooms the next day. You can lock the front door on the day that the storefront is painted, and your customers or clients can enter through another door.

You can even keep your customers away from the areas that are closed. The painters can work alone, and they do not need to worry about disrupting your business. If you talk to your office painters before the job starts, they will let you know how to schedule the work. They know which parts of the building will be the most difficult to paint, and they will start with those areas. You can continue to shut down different areas of the building until the job is done.

How Does Painting An Empty Building Save You Money?

Painting an empty building saves you money throughout the project. You do not have an unlimited budget for the project, and you can cut back on your expenses if the painters can work uninterrupted. Ask the painters how long it will take to complete the job and ask them to show you the cost difference between painting an empty building and painting when you are open for business.

You could easily spend too much money on your painting job if you try to paint while customers and employees are in the building. The painters will be distracted every day that they are on the job, and they cannot work freely. The painters do not have time to interact with people during the job, and they will be a little bit more nervous about handling their equipment or climbing a ladder when people are constantly passing by.

You may also want to get back after the interior of the building is painted. You can return to a beautiful facility, and the painters can work on the exterior of the building while your employees return to work. Your customers can come back to the business if the interior is already finished, and you do not need to worry about staying closed for a long period of time.

How Long Have You Waited To Paint Your Building?

If you have never hired store front painters, your building could be showing signs of wear and tear. The exterior of your building sends a message to the general public, and the building will often turn off people who have never shopped with you before. If a client shows up, they may not want to work with a business has a dirty or ugly building. Investors might not want to invest in a company that does not have a nice facility, and you people who drive by every day might think you are out of business.

How Does Curb Appeal Improve Your Sales?

Curb appeal adds instant value to your business. You can use your new curb appeal to attract more customers, add a better sign to the building, and even host a reopening event. You should ensure that the building has value because you may need to sell it in the future, and you should also consider how much easier the building will be to maintain.

Ask your painters to leave behind the extra paint that was used during the job. You can use that paint to touch up the building in the future, and you will never worry about allowing the building to deteriorate.

Prepare For Your Commercial Painters

One of the hardest parts of any commercial painting job is preparing the facility. Your painters will need to spend time preparing the interior and exterior of the building, and they will need to complete repairs that make painting possible. If you ask your team to do much of this work beforehand, you will save money on the finished product.

Get That Commercial Painting Project Done

At Colorworks Painting, we can help anyone in Hilton Head SC paint their commercial facility as soon as possible. You deserve to add curb appeal to your building, and you should consider commercial painting right now to attract more customers. Morale in the building will improve because the facility looks so much better, and you will impress your loyal customers when they return to a beautiful space. Find a time when the building is empty so that we can get to work right away.

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