Commercial Painting Safety

Why Commercial Painting Safety Should Matter to You, the Hilton Head Business Owner

The Role Safety Plays During a Hilton Head Commercial Painting Project

As a business owner, you likely understand the importance of workplace safety. Employees who are worried about getting hurt tend to be less productive and often suffer from lower workplace morale. Ideally, the company hired to paint your commercial building will share your commitment to ensuring that no one gets hurt. This is because there is no guarantee that your business won’t experience a variety of negative consequences if an accident occurs during a commercial painting project.

Safety Planning Can Minimize the Risk of Employee Injuries

During a painting project, you need to be aware of air quality levels within your building. Before the project gets started, it may be a good idea to create a ventilation plan. This may help to ensure that contaminated air is directed away from anyone who may be in close proximity to a freshly painted space.

For example, you could choose to have air directed to an empty office where it can then flow out of an open window. Your commercial painting contractor should be able to help construct a plan or explain the various tools it will use to ensure that your people have access to clean air at all times.

Steps should also be taken to ensure that workers aren’t exposed to falling debris, slippery surfaces or other potential hazards. Individuals who are struck by a falling object may experience a head injury that could keep them out of work for weeks, months or on a permanent basis. Slips, trips and falls may cause many different types of injuries that could lead to costly workers’ compensation cases.

No One Wants to Spend Time Doing Paperwork

Losing an employee to a serious injury can be a big hit to your company’s ability to serve its customers. However, in addition to losing an important part of your corporate family, a workplace accident means spending hours filling out paperwork. In most cases, completing workers’ compensation, OSHA and other types of government forms is a tedious process.

Furthermore, if the forms are filled out incorrectly, you may have to spend more time fixing your errors. There is also a chance that you’ll need to play phone tag with your injured worker, your company’s doctor or other officials who might need to submit documents of their own in connection with the case. Even if you don’t mind completing administrative tasks, it will take time and manpower away from things that might benefit your business in the long-term.

Minimize Damage to Your Brand

If you have strong relationships with your employees, it may be possible to manage the internal fallout of a workplace accident. However, it may not be as easy to manage the negative reaction that your customers, clients or other outside entities might have after a workplace accident. This may be especially true if news of the accident is shared by local media outlets, activists and others who want to paint your business in a negative light.

Depending on the severity of the accident, your company might be cited by OSHA or other government agencies. A single OSHA citation could result in a fine of up to $13,653, and if your company is a repeat offender, it could be fined up to $136,532.

In addition to reducing the chances of an accident occurring, a commitment to safety can help build goodwill within the community. It can show that your business is a good corporate citizen that aims to go beyond the minimum standards that the government imposes. Ultimately, showcasing your commitment to doing the right thing may make it easier to attract new clients or strengthen the bond between your brand and its existing customers.

You Can Get More Done Over a Shorter Period of Time

When a commercial painting contractor is restricted to working when your building is normally closed, your commercial painting project will necessarily move at a slower pace. This will likely mean that labor costs associated with the project will be higher than they need to be. Furthermore, there is still a chance of an accident happening while a building is closed for business.

Ultimately, a lack of a safety plan can be more expensive than simply working with a company that meets government standards. It’s also important to note that an inability to perform tasks outside of normal business hours could cause hardships for your clients that may cause them to sever ties with your firm. Employees may also be annoyed by the fact that they can’t get into their offices outside of normal working hours. The next time that you need your office building, warehouse or retail establishment painted, contact the folks at Colorworks Painting in Hilton Head SC. Prior to starting your project, we will schedule a meeting to make important decisions such as the colors that should be used on your property. We can also create a project timeline that meets your needs and budget.

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