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Why Are Kitchen Cabinet Painting Quotes So Different Between Charleston Contractors?

As a homeowner in Charleston SC, one of the most neglected accessories is usually the kitchen cabinets, especially when it comes to maintenance such as painting. This is primarily because of the existence of multiple contractors within the region, with every contractor presenting you with a different quotation. The difference in the quotes may lead you to wonder what’s the differences between contractors A and B.

With cabinet painting, you always get what you pay for, but it is important to remember that the best cabinet painters aren’t always the most expensive. Therefore, if you want the job done right and at an economical price while following the proper process and using top-of-the-line products, you need inside house painters in Charleston who are experienced and familiar with the job, such as those from Colorworks Painting & designs.

At Colorworks Painting, you are provided with free estimates, financing options, warranties, and color design, assuring you top-quality results. Also, the company offers worker’s compensation and liability insurance for all the crew members involved in the project, absolving you from any liabilities or accidents that may occur during the duration of the work, which is why the services offered aren’t the cheapest in town. To further help you understand the quoting process, here are some reasons why different cabinet painting contractors offer vastly different quotes.

Why Are Kitchen Cabinet Quotes So Different?

1. Labor

Like any job or contract, the primary determinant of the final price is usually the labor required to complete the job at hand to your satisfaction. The labor costs vary depending on how quickly you want the job done and the job size.

Most contractors base their labor costs on man hours, so reliable and trustworthy cabinet painters such as Colorworks Painting will always take time to give you a complete breakdown of the labor supplies needed. Remember to always ask questions about charges you don’t understand to avoid getting fleeced by the contractor you finally hire.

2. Untrustworthy And Unreliable Contractors

Most untrustworthy painters always have a single goal in mind: to ensure that they charge you a premium for a subpar job. You can spot a bad cabinet painting contractor on your first interaction since they tend to pretend to be very busy and require a large deposit beforehand on top of requesting you to buy your own supplies.

Also, untrustworthy contractors constantly shift prices from client to client for the same quality jobs. This is why Colorworks Painting is dedicated to transparent communication between you and the contractor, allowing you to ask questions about any charges included in the quote.

3. Products Used

Other than the labor required, the products used in the job also significantly contribute to the final price quote. Factors that mainly lead to the different supplies’ costs are usually the quality and shortages, among other economic conditions. To ensure that there is always a reasonable difference, no matter the factors, Colorworks Painting always uses top-shelf products such as Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore. As a result, you may end up paying more than what other contractors charge, but you’ll be assured of a satisfying and longer-lasting paint job.

Also, to lower the final price of the cabinet painting job, it’s advisable to go for contractors who offer to purchase the supplies on your behalf. This is because most contractors, such as Colorworks Paintings, have well-established relationships with suppliers and get the supplies at a discount, hence the lower quotes than if your contractor requests you buy the supplies. If the cabinet painters you’ve hired request you buy your own supplies, then you’ll be charged the retail price, which is usually much higher, driving the project’s overall costs through the roof.

Extra Tip: Always Check Their Warranties

Always go for cabinet painting contractors that offer warranties as it is a sign that they stand by their work, which is why, as a resident of Charleston SC, the best cabinet painters for you are Colorworks Painting & design. Also, always remember to do your research before hiring a cabinet painting contractor. The research process involves asking for referrals, reading reviews, or visiting the company’s offices or website. The above-stated factors are the main reasons for the difference in your cabinet painting quotes. If you are looking for top cabinet painters, don’t hesitate to visit Colorworks Painting & Designs in Charleston SC. So, if you are ready, come get your free estimate and fill out the form to start the process.

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