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Why Antimicrobial Paint for Businesses is Surging in South Carolina

As coronavirus continues to ravage the globe, many governments, organizations, and businesses are becoming innovative in taking different precautionary measures. The coronavirus pandemic is a new phenomenon, which means that no one has the ultimate method of preventing people from contracting it. Many medical specialists have encouraged people to wear masks, wash their hands, and keep a one-meter distance from other people. Although these measures are widely accepted, there is a recent upsurge in the number of medical and nursing facilities using antimicrobial paint. Although antimicrobial coat is not a perfect solution, it can significantly lower the risk of contracting the virus when used together with the other measures. Business owners who want to keep their workers safe at work or homeowners who want to protect their families can have the commercial painters working on their premises add a layer of antimicrobial painting to help keep their loved ones safe.

Why is There an Upsurge of Antimicrobial Painting Among Businesses in South Carolina?

The number of businesses embracing the antimicrobial coating in South Carolina is on the rise, especially during this coronavirus pandemic. To begin with, many people now acknowledge that the elderly are more vulnerable to the virus as compared to young citizens. The elderly citizens have a weak immune system, which means that their bodies cannot fight minor infections caused by viruses or bacteria. As firms look for ways to protect their elderly workers, some go beyond conventional means to guarantee their workers’ safety. This has included the adoption of antimicrobial commercial painting on their premises.

Another factor contributing to the surge of antimicrobial coating on business premises is that many elders spend a lot of time indoors. As the coronavirus continues to wreak havoc across the globe, the elderly people are advised to stay indoors. This makes them more vulnerable since indoor air is easily polluted with viruses and bacteria. When people are exposed to poor quality indoor air, they are prone to pathogens that lead to diseases.

Sick building syndrome is also known to contribute to people’s vulnerability at the workplace or home. Many business owners are now worried about the spread of coronavirus and are opting to adopt the antimicrobial coating to protect the people working for them. This is because some employees and visitors to business premises experience sick building syndrome, which can have far-reaching health issues.

How Businesses Are Using Antimicrobial Coating to Address Health Issues Related to Indoor Spaces – Especially Among the Elderly

When it comes to facilities housing senior citizens, a lot of care has to be taken to protect them without leaving anything to chance. In this regard, many businesses are using antimicrobial coatings and primers as a precautionary measure. The use of advanced antimicrobial commercial painting can make surfaces such as walls, countertops, doors, and windows hostile to disease-causing microorganisms. This helps protect the elderly from diseases such as coronavirus.

As many senior living centers adopt a blended environment, many of their clients are exposed to disease-causing microorganisms. The use of antimicrobial coatings in these facilities has significantly helped lower the health risks associated with such organisms. Moreover, the opportunities for infections have reduced considerably.

Although many people might not know it, the paint can reliably offer extra protection for vulnerable people. When the facilities where the elderly live are given an additional antimicrobial coat of paint, it makes surfaces safer. The rates of infections reported in such facilities also reduce significantly.

Research has shown that not only does antimicrobial coating helps prevent the invasion of pathogens, but also kills them. This is important because it makes surfaces that people interact with safer and less exposed to disease-causing microbial.

Why Choose Paint Shield as an Antimicrobial Solution?

Are you shopping for an antimicrobial coating paint in Hilton Head SC? If yes, you should consider Paint Shield because it is a product developed under strict manufacturing conditions. Its production ensures that it undergoes several laboratory tests before releasing it to consumers.

The measure of 99.9% effectiveness of Paint Shield is based on a two-hour test after one contacts the surface. You can rely on Paint Shield to protect you and your loved ones from microbes for years without needing an extra coat. As part of your ongoing maintenance, however, you should always consider a repaint wherever necessary.

Paint Shield is a standard antimicrobial coating across United States. Since it was introduced into the American market in 2015, many senior centers across the country have embraced it. This shows how effective it is in minimizing exposure to disease-causing microorganisms and why you should also try it out. The paint can significantly help people living in advanced care facilities manage their chronic conditions without the risk of contracting other infections.

At Colorworks Painting, we work with the proven products to keep your employees or residents safe. Although senior living centers should be managed and operated by highly skilled employees, human error is sometimes inevitable. A small personal mistake can risk the lives of many elderly citizens hence the need to get a Paint Shield coat. This would help minimize the risks of infections that your employees and other residents face due to human error.

Areas Where You Can Apply Paint Shield

If you don’t know where to use antimicrobial paint, start with the following areas:

Food preparation areas: Food preparation areas are high-risk areas and you should consider having a Paint Shield coat on them.

Medical storage facilities: Many elderly housing centers offer medical services, and they should be protected from pathogens. An antimicrobial coat would help protect medical supplies from contamination.

Employee break areas: Staff members often have areas where they relax during breaks and they can be prone to contamination. Consider adding a antimicrobial paint that provides extra protection against microbes.

Contact Us Today Are you interested in using an antimicrobial coat anywhere in Hilton Head SC? If yes, get in touch with us today, and we will ensure you get a Paint Shield coat. This will help minimize the health risks involved when employees or residents encounter disease-causing pathogens. You can trust Paint Shield to protect you and those you care for against disease-causing pathogens like staph, VRE, E. coli, Enterobacter aerogenes, MRSA, and many other pathogens. Our customer care personnel are eagerly waiting to hear from us. Get in touch with us today, and we will dispatch a team of commercial painters to your location in a timely manner.

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