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Transform Any Room With a Beautiful Accent Wall

Are you trying to make the rooms in your home look more interesting, beautiful, and vibrant? One relatively straightforward way of accomplishing this goal is to create an accent wall. If you rely on the services of a residential painting contractor, you’ll be able to enjoy amazing results after a small amount of work.

What Can an Accent Wall Do?

To create an accent wall, you need to make one wall different and more noticeable than the other walls in the room. Often, this can be done by painting it a different color. What can this type of project accomplish?

Banish Monotony

Because accent walls pop out visually, they break up what could be monotonous repetition in each room of your house. They generate an interesting visual contrast and influence the way people look around an interior space.

Create a Different Feel for Your Space

If your home has an open layout, an accent wall can make certain areas more distinct. It can help define the dining area, for example, or the part of your home that serves as a TV lounge.

With accent walls, you can give the illusion that a room is somehow different in size. Some color combinations will make a space seem more cozy and intimate. Other combinations will produce an effect of expansion and airiness.

Accent walls are also a great way to mix warmer and cooler colors. For instance, most of the walls in a room may be a cool or neutral shade, such as blue or gray, while one wall gets painted in a warmer hue. In this way, you can change the mood of a room.

Along with mood, you can change the atmosphere. To give just one example, a combination of navy blue and white may help make a room appear more formal or classic. Other color contrasts will look playful or quirky.

Beautify Your Home and Convey Your Personal Style

When you hire interior painters for a project involving accent walls, what you hope for is a home that will become more beautiful. With rigorous standards and a keen eye for aesthetics, a residential painting contractor will know how to enhance the beauty of any room. Your home will also become more expressive of your unique style. You can introduce colors or patterns that you truly enjoy and that reflect your taste.

Offer You a Chance to Try Something New at a Lower Cost

You may not currently have the budget, time, or inclination for a long and extensive painting project. Fortunately, a smaller project involving an accent wall can still produce a stunning effect. You can also use it as a chance to experiment with new color combinations or other design choices.

Making the Right Decisions

Consulting with interior painters is crucial for making the best choices for any room in your home. Even before the consultation, you can start thinking about the following issues:

Color Combinations

Which colors go well together? The answer isn’t always straightforward. You can give your accent wall a bold color, but you need to make sure it doesn’t clash with the overall color scheme or become too distracting. You want to achieve an interesting visual contrast without creating a lack of balance or detracting from the beauty of your home.

It’s also important to consider the colors of the flooring, furniture, curtains, and other prominent features in the room. An interior painter will help you visualize what each particular paint choice will look like when considering the room as a whole.

Paint Finishes

Along with the color of the paint, you need to think about the type of finish. A matte finish, for example, will absorb more light than a gloss finish. Because of the light it reflects, a gloss finish will appear more shiny.

To make an accent wall stand out more, you may want a finish that reflects more light. However, the best choice ultimately depends on the specifics of your room, your personal taste, and the atmosphere you’re trying to create.

Wall Choice

One of the biggest mistakes people make with accent walls is assuming that any wall in the room will serve well. Your walls, however, aren’t interchangeable and won’t produce the same effect.

When choosing the right wall, you need to make multiple considerations. For example, is the wall uncluttered? Don’t choose a wall that’s hidden behind a lot of furniture or covered up with many photos, art prints, or other decorative items. A plain stretch of wall is typically a good choice. It will stand out more on its own and can possibly be used to highlight a dominant piece of furniture or work of art.

Another point to consider is whether you already have a wall that catches the eye in some way. For example, maybe it contains a material in a different texture, such as brick, stone, wood, or tile. This wall may already draw people’s attention when they step into a room.

Lighting is another key element. Will your chosen accent wall receive enough natural light? For instance, maybe it stands opposite some large windows. Also, will it receive enough illumination from the lamps or other types of lighting in the room? Consider how the color and finish you choose will look in different kinds of light.

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