Holiday Painting Tips

Top Tips for Painting Your Charleston Property During the Holiday Season

The holidays are coming. Are you prepared? There’s likely lots to do including shopping, wrapping presents, planning meal menus, buying groceries, baking, decorating, and tidying up. But, have you considered how your house looks? Have you looked at the walls to see if you are truly happy with the color palette and the current state of your walls? The holidays are an ideal time to update the style of your home since so many people may be dropping by or spending hours in your home. You certainly want to put your best foot forward and create an inviting space for all of your holiday guests.

Updating the paint scheme is not as simple as buying some cans of paint, though. Interior painting is difficult, time consuming and stressful. Instead, you can hire Colorworks Painting & Designs for all of your interior painting needs. We can help you choose the color scheme and we have the tools and professionals to do an excellent job for your home here in Charleston SC.

Keep a List of Priorities

So you now know you want to do some interior painting before this holiday season, but where do you even start? It can seem overwhelming to even know what to discuss with professionals for your Charleston SC home. But, if you begin by thinking of your priorities, then you can keep it all from being overwhelming. Maybe your walls are in bad shape with scratches, dents and dings. Maybe you just want new and inviting colors. Make a list of what matters most to you.

Mix It Up

Have you ever considered an accent wall in your home? It’s a wonderful way to add a bit of color and adventure without changing up your whole home or using too much color. You can choose one or two walls in key spaces like the living room or family room and let interior painting professionals in Charleston SC help you pick a complementary color that will flow well with the rest of your home.

Warm It Up

When you decide to get some interior painting done for the holiday season, think of warm tones like shades of yellow, brown, red, and orange. Why? These colors are inviting and welcoming. So, consider them for guest bedrooms, living spaces, dens, and kitchens so that anyone who visits will feel surrounded by warmth while it’s chilly outside. Professional interior painters in Charleston SC can help you choose the ideal warm tones for your home.

Update It

It might just be the ideal time to update your kitchen. After all, it is the heart of the house and will likely be the center of activity during the holidays. You could talk to interior painting specialists about adding an accent wall, repainting the cabinets, or both. Updating those kitchen cabinets can completely change the look and feel of the room. And, if you make them complement an accent wall in the kitchen or even dining room, you will feel the inviting flow through the whole space.

Remember It

Seasons change. Fall turns into Winter and winter turns to spring. Then, summer rolls around. While you may be updating your home’s interior painting during the holiday season, you want to make sure the colors work for your decor through the whole year. It may be easy to think of the now, but also think of the future and choose something you will love no matter the season. You can even look at home decor and interior paint trends for this year to get some ideas.

Shop It Up

During the holiday season, many painters will offer deals and offers to make your project even more affordable. Don’t be afraid to watch for those deals and use them. That way you can get that updated refresh for your home and keep within a budget.

Make the Call!

If you have ever done any interior painting on your own in your Charleston SC home, then you know it is an incredibly difficult undertaking and it is not a task you should try to tackle on your own. Know that choosing professional painters to get the job done means you are choosing someone who can help you choose colors and do the best job possible for your project. With these tips in mind, you can make the call to Colorworks Painting & Designs to get started on a new and beautiful holiday home. Our team of professionals would love to start a color consultation with you and the next thing you know, your home will be all ready for parties, family dinners, and more. Call us today at (843)683-0780.

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