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Things to Consider When Painting Your South Carolina Rental Home

Hiring professional house painters to work on your rental home is a necessary investment. To keep attracting tenants, you need to maintain your home in good condition and choose the right paint colors and finishes.

Why Should You Paint Your Rental Home?

Compared to many other kinds of home modifications, painting costs less and takes less time. It also produces a powerful effect. A fresh paint job in the kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom leaves a strong favorable impression on tenants.

In addition to improving the appearance of your home, a paint job strengthens it. It helps protect your surfaces from different kinds of deterioration, such as moisture intrusion. This is especially important in South Carolina, where humidity is high throughout the year.

When you hire outstanding professional house painters, the work they deliver gives your home lasting value. The paint job will be durable, so you won’t have to pay more for frequent repainting. Plus, the improved condition of your property means that you’ll be able to ask more for rent.

When Should You Paint?

Sometimes, the need for professional house painters is obvious. Your paint may be peeling, chipping away, or showing other signs of widespread deterioration. Another possibility is that you need to remove any lead-based paint on your property before tenants move in.

What if you aren’t sure about the timing of a paint job? There are a number of factors to consider, including:

  • The length of time since you last painted. Was it four or more years ago?
  • Whether you can fix imperfections without a new paint job. If a previous tenant left some minor stains or scuff marks, maybe you can remove these blemishes by cleaning the surface. They won’t necessarily result in permanent discoloration.
  • Whether your previous tenant smoked or kept pets. The odors often cling to the walls, and a paint job may be the only way to help your home smell fresh.

You can also ask yourself if the existing paint colors are pleasing to you and to your tenants. Maybe you can improve the color combinations and make them more appealing and harmonious.

Even though you don’t need to repaint after every tenant, use the temporary vacancy of your home as an opportunity to inspect the condition of the paint job.

Where Should You Paint?

When you contact professionals for room painting services, you don’t necessarily need them for every room in your house. Some parts of your interior space are much more important than others.

Your kitchen and bathrooms are usually the living areas that are most in need of a fresh paint job. In these rooms, the walls and cabinetry get exposed to higher levels of moisture and heat. They’re also more likely to suffer from tough stains and discoloration. For example, damage from grease spatters can make a kitchen wall look unattractive.

When considering which parts of your home to paint, prioritize based on the condition of the surfaces and their importance to tenants. Tenants often closely inspect a kitchen, but they tend to care less about a wall in the den that will likely be covered by a TV, art prints, or other items.

What Type of Paint Should You Use?

When selecting paints for your Charleston SC rental home, two important properties to consider are color and finish.

With the help of skilled and experienced professional house painters, you’ll choose combinations of colors that go well together. You’ll also receive guidance on how to produce certain effects. For example, you can use certain colors to make a room seem more airy and spacious.

For a rental home, the safest choices are lighter neutral colors, because these appeal to a wide range of tenants. You still have to choose and apply them with care; otherwise, they’ll look drab and unpleasant. You can also make a more limited use of bolder colors, such as by painting an accent wall. You just need to make sure that the bold color isn’t loud or disharmonious.

When it comes to the finish of the paint, which refers to the paint’s reflectivity, one of the best choices for rental homes is a semi-gloss finish. It can make a darker room feel more bright, and it’s also easy to wipe clean of fingerprints and smudges. A satin finish is another popular option, including for kitchens and bathrooms.

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