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These Bathroom Paint Colors Always Stay in Style

You have probably seen bathrooms that were beautiful, and you have probably seen a few that looked horrific. Aside from the fixtures, the paint or wallpaper is what gives a bathroom character. Since wallpaper is prone to moisture damage and can facilitate mold growth, paint is a much better choice. If you are thinking about painting your bathroom, you may be wondering what color and finish to choose. Longevity and appearance are the two top considerations that homeowners have, and our home painters at Colorworks Painting know how to help you choose the ideal paint for both of those needs.

Bathroom Colors That Will Keep Their Style

Mustard yellow, bright orange, burgundy, teal and other distinct colors are tied to specific times. By the time trendy colors go out of style, your paint should still be in good shape if a professional applies it. If you want a color that is easy to maintain, stays in style and is versatile to coordinate with different decoration and linen choices, these are some color choices to consider.


If you prefer to have a darker look, this is an ideal choice. It goes well with light or dark linens. Also, it is an excellent choice for the trendy steel and distressed metal bathroom features that are in style. If those go out of style in the next decade, your charcoal walls will still be adaptable to fit an emerging trend.

Soft Gray

As a neutral color, soft gray is a good choice for a timeless look if you like gray but do not want a shade as dark as charcoal. A soft or light gray looks great with modern or vintage themes.

Blue Gray

Blue gray produces a rich and deep color. A residential painting contractor can add black or white to make it darker or lighter if you prefer. Gray with a hint of blue produces a relaxing blend. It is especially good for aquatic or nautical themes.

Light Green

This has been one of the most common bathroom color choices over the years. You can match it with pink, blue, white, yellow or even bright colors. It also goes well with seasonal decorations. It matches with red for the winter holidays, oranges and yellows for fall, bright colors for summer and pastels for spring.


Taupe is another color that you can make lighter or darker to fit your preferences. Although it is neutral like gray, it has a hint of color. However, it can match with nearly any color or seasonal decorative theme as well. Also, taupe can be paired with cream or white for a luxurious look.

Light Yellow

If you prefer a sunnier look and want a cheerful bathroom, this is an excellent choice. Yellow makes your bathroom look fresh and bright. Also, it is a great choice if you prefer decorations and linens in warmer or brighter colors.


Beige and off-white are good choices for their ability to conceal a little more dirt than white. A bright white color may show smudges and imperfections clearer. Beige is neutral and puts more focus on your theme or linen colors. If you want the ability to redecorate with a new theme each year, beige is a versatile choice.

Light Blue

Some researchers say that blue can help reduce feelings of anxiety. This makes it especially good for creating comfortable guest bathrooms. Also, light blue matches with a wide variety of bold, pastel and muted colors.

Choosing a Paint Finish for a Bathroom

Once you decide on the color that is right for your preferences, it is important to consider the finish. These are the main finish types and why they work or do not work for bathrooms.


A matte finish is not a good choice for a bathroom. Matte paint absorbs some moisture and is more likely to get stained from moisture or splashes. Also, it is more prone to mildew growth, and this paint is difficult to clean in a bathroom.


While a satin finish is not ideal for a bathroom, it is an option if you have low-humidity features in place. Without these, it offers little protection against moisture and mildew, and it is difficult to clean.


Semi-gloss paint offers more of a protective barrier. It is a versatile choice, and it is better than high-gloss paint for large surface areas. In comparison with a higher gloss, it hides imperfections better. This paint finish is easier to clean than matte or satin.


This type of paint is best for trims and smaller surface areas that need more protection. It offers better moisture resistance than the previous three options, and it is the easiest to clean.

Although specialty paint finishes are more expensive, there are some that are designed specifically for bathrooms.

The Bathroom Painting Process

An interior painting company does a thorough job and works around you to limit interruptions to your daily routine. These are the main steps that take place.


After a residential painting contractor measures the area to be painted and provides an estimate, the next step is making color and finish selections. The painters schedule a time that works for you to complete the project and review the details with you.


Painters clean the walls and remove old paint or wallpaper. They may caulk or patch cracks and holes. If necessary, they may also sand some areas. Once the surfaces are smooth, the painters ensure that they are clean.

Priming and Painting

First, the painters apply primer to help the paint adhere to the walls and last longer. Also, it prevents a spotted or uneven look. They apply the needed number of paint coats next to produce a seamless finish. When they are done, they clean up any spills, supplies and debris.

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