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The Best Colors For South Carolina Bedrooms (And The Worst)

Picking the right colors for your bedroom is more than just picking a color you like. You want to find colors that complement your furniture and decor. That’s why we’ve put together this blog post that gives you the best colors for your bedroom in Charleston SC.

The Best Colors for Bedrooms

Bedroom colors should be bright and bold, which must be addressed. Here are some of the best bedroom colors you should consider when creating your bedroom.


Having a green color in your bedroom can help with the ambiance. Green is a wavelength of light that is known to soothe people. A great way to incorporate green into your room will be by using a green accent wall and some dark furniture, like a nightstand, dresser set, or a little table if you want to place your water.

Light pink

Pink is known to be a romantic color, but it also has the power to lend an air of feminine charm. Opt for light pink if you want to go with only some pink. You can paint your bedroom walls a light shade of pink and even use a lighter shade on the accent wall.


White is great if you’re looking for a blank slate to change the colors and patterns whenever you want. Seeking the services of fully trained painters and designers can pay off. White also makes a great backdrop or accent to add some variation to your room.


Beige is a neutral color that allows you to add accent colors of your liking when mixed with other colors. It also goes well in any room.


This color will brighten your room and make it look more open and airier. Professional painters recommend using this color because it’s so calming and soothing. It’s a great choice if you want your bedroom to be a peaceful place.

The Worst Colors for Bedrooms

Some choices of colors are better off avoided. Red, purple, black, orange, and brown are bad choices for your bedroom. This is because some paints will become discolored if exposed to certain colors, and red and purple are those colors.

Colors that increase energy levels can also be bad, such as purple and black. It’s best to avoid any colors of those types in your bedroom, as they are unpleasant to look at and can cause headaches. Anxiety and depression can also be worsened by some colors, such as orange and brown. The best colors to use at night are known to give you a good restful sleep and ease your mind.

The essence of color psychology goes beyond just personal well-being. It’s also closely related to how your home will be perceived. Whether you are painting the walls in your home or giving it a different touch with window treatments, you should consider some of the things you’ve learned here. Seeking interior painters in Charleston, SC, or a custom designer to paint your room is the best way to secure your desired interior design.

At Colorworks Painting & Designs, we offer free estimates and consultation; we can help you choose the best colors for your bedroom. We have a wide selection of paint, and our fully trained interior painters and designers will make your room vibrant, soothing, and inviting. Contact us for interior painting in Charleston SC, today.

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