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Is Pressure Washing Needed For Your Hilton Head HOA Community?

Commercial Pressure Washing

Although people were confined to their homes last spring with restrictions, more are venturing out this year. There have been plenty of storms in South Carolina over the past year, and many HOA managers and homeowners are starting to notice that building exteriors are looking dirty. If you manage your HOA or a multi-family community,…

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5 Tips on How Not to Deter Shoppers While Painting Your Business

Commercial storefront painters

Since the beginning of the year 2020, many businesses have not been doing well. This has mainly been driven by the restrictions put in place by various governments and organizations as a way to cut the spread of coronavirus. As you may have heard by now, Covid-19 is mainly transmitted through body fluids such as…

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Why Antimicrobial Paint for Businesses is Surging in South Carolina

anti-microbial paint

As coronavirus continues to ravage the globe, many governments, organizations, and businesses are becoming innovative in taking different precautionary measures. The coronavirus pandemic is a new phenomenon, which means that no one has the ultimate method of preventing people from contracting it. Many medical specialists have encouraged people to wear masks, wash their hands, and…

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10 Things to Consider When Hiring a Commercial Painter in Hilton Head SC

Commercial Painting Contractors

As a facility manager based in Hilton Head SC, you are conversant with everything that goes on when constructing a building. You may have to deal with equipment issues and breakdowns that usually occur unexpectedly. The equipment may also have to be repaired from time to time. Facility managers should focus on being persistent during…

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