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Signs It’s Time to Repaint Your Hilton Head Home’s Exterior

Are you trying to decide if now is the right time to start planning your home’s next exterior painting project? Between the effects of time and local weather conditions in Hilton Head SC, exterior paint can develop a range of issues that ultimately can affect curb appeal and property condition. Because of how detrimental these effects can be and because many of them will progressively worsen over time, it is always better to contact a painting contractor for a consultation at the first sign of an issue. Our residential painting experts at Colorworks Painting & Design are committed to helping our clients improve the look and condition of their homes. If you are aware of any of the following issues with your home’s exterior, connect with us for a no-obligation consultation.

Mold and Mildew

The weather conditions in Hilton Head SC are ideal for mold to start growing on various areas of your home’s exterior. Depending on the exact conditions on your property, mold and mildew can become problematic within a short period of time. When you identify the growth soon and remove it through pressure washing promptly, it generally will not do permanent damage. On the other hand, if it is allowed time to grow and spread, you may be dealing with permanent damage from deterioration and staining. When damage is permanent, outside house painting is needed. Our experienced painters will repair or replace all damaged siding and other materials as an initial step in the painting project.

Cracks and Wood Rot

Mold damage is only one of several potential issues that may impair the overall condition and curb appeal of your home. For example, the wood or wood-based materials used for your home’s siding, fascia, trim and other features can eventually start to deteriorate and rot. Both siding and stucco can develop cracks, and these cracks can allow pests, moisture and other elements to cause progressively serious damage. Because paint has protective properties, it can prevent these issues from developing. However, if they are already present, outside house painting is needed to prevent additional damages.

Bubbling or Peeling Paint

Exterior paint can crack, peel, flake or bubble depending on the conditions that are present. Bubbling paint may conceal mold growth. While this issue may appear to be superficial and cosmetic, it must be addressed properly by experienced painters. When paint is flaking, cracking or peeling, the underlying materials are exposed to the elements. They are more susceptible to serious damages. When paint is damaged in any of these ways, the prep work involves scraping away the old paint, sanding the surfaces where needed, caulking gaps and pressure washing the material. Because all of these steps must be completed comprehensively, an exterior painting project can be far more time-consuming and strenuous than some people realize. Our licensed and insured painters at Colorworks Painting & Design are available to step in and will happily do the hard work for you.

Faded Paint

In some cases, exterior paint will not peel, crack or develop other notable signs of damage. Instead, it may simply lose some of its color and sheen. Faded paint may appear to be a cosmetic issue that you can put off dealing with for another day. However, when paint looks faded, it has lost its uppermost layers. Because of this, it is not as protective of the underlying materials as it needs to be. In addition, the paint will continue to fade away until the underlying materials are exposed. By addressing this problem now, you could avoid expensive home repairs in the future.

White, Filmy Residue

Another sign that exterior paint is deteriorating is the presence of a chalk-like film over some or all of the surfaces. The film is the result of the paint’s binding elements breaking away from the color pigments as part of the aging and deterioration processes. The unsightly residue can be cleaned off with a power washer, so there is a short-term fix to the impact that the residue has on curb appeal. However, as is the case with faded paint, the residue indicates that the paint is losing its protective properties.

Poor Color Choice

Many residents in Hilton Head SC will not consult with a painting contractor until they spot substantial signs of related property damage, but there is another reason why you should paint your home’s exterior. The color scheme on your home’s exterior can affect pride of ownership, curb appeal and even your ability to sell the home quickly and for top dollar when the time comes to do so. If you are unhappy with the unpleasant hues on your home’s exterior, booking house painting service with our experts is the perfect solution.

Your Preferred Exterior Painting Pros

While you may have decided to move forward with your outside house painting project, you may still be on the fence about which painting contractor to hire. We take pride in standing apart from other contractors through our focus on assembling a team of truly qualified painters who are passionate about workmanship and customer service. We also focus on delivering accurate, competitive quotes to our clients as a first step. We are committed to completing all projects on time and for the quoted price. While our rates are competitive and our painters complete projects efficiently, we never skip steps. From cleaning, caulking and priming all of the surfaces as needed to applying paint evenly and cleaning up after ourselves, we do what it takes to produce results that our clients love.

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