Color Trends For 2020

Pick The Perfect Paint: South Carolina’s Hottest Color Trends In 2020

After you’ve spent the winter staring at your walls day after day, you may have decided your home is due for an upgrade. Whether you are perhaps thinking of selling your home or just want to give it a fresh new look, there is no doubt that picking the perfect paint can do all this and much more. However, since there are numerous colors from which to choose, it’s important to know which color trends are the hottest in 2020. If you’re ready to see your home get the upgrade it deserves, here are some of South Carolina’s hottest color trends in 2020.

Bold and Bright
When you hire professional painters to give your home a whole new look, chances are you are ready for something that will be very different from what you’ve had the past few years. For many people, this means looking to bold and bright colors in one or more rooms. A popular room that looks great with bold and bright colors is the kitchen, although other rooms and even some outdoor spaces can benefit as well. As for ideas, you may want to consider such options as turmeric orange, cayenne red, and mustard yellow.

In choosing bold and bright colors, you have the advantage of using them almost anywhere. For example, you can use turmeric orange to create an island feel in your sunroom or on outside walls near a patio, while you can make an immediate impression in your home office or dining room with cayenne red or mustard yellow.

Earth Tones
Considered safe yet impressive colors, soft earth tones are also great choices when you are preparing to have professional painters start an interior painting job in your home. Always trendy, earth tones are especially popular in 2020 due to their ability to give any room in your house a warm, cozy feeling. Thus, if you’ve got some white walls that you’d like to brighten up just a bit, consider such choices as hazelnut brown, mushroom grey, or even cider brown. While hazelnut brown works well in any room of your home, mushroom grey would be ideal in hallways or kitchens. If cider brown turns out to be your favorite, you’ll find the pros will suggest this works best in entryways, bathrooms, and bedrooms.

Go for the Green
While this may sound as if you’re on the golf course and being urged to go for the green, it instead is referring to using various shades of green in and around your home. Considered perhaps the trendiest color of 2020, green is highly-recommended for many reasons. First, since today’s world is so technologically-oriented, green allow you to give your home a more natural feeling, almost as if you’ve brought the great outdoors inside. Along with this, it can be used virtually anywhere in your home, making it a versatile and inexpensive option.

While you may think there are 50 shades of green that may merit your consideration, there are three that are currently very trendy in 2020, those being mint, moss, and sage green. If you like mint green, it works very well when paired with white and used in small spaces such as bathrooms. But if you want moss green, this calming color will be an excellent choice for your bedroom. Yet if you think a particular interior space within your home is in dire need of an energy boost, sage green is considered dynamic and vibrant, making it the perfect selection.

Am I Blue?
If you are like many people, blue is one of if not your most favorite colors. Because of this, chances are you will want to incorporate various shades throughout your home to give it a peaceful, easy feeling. Like green and brown, blue is often thought of as an outdoor color, since it can remind you of a beautiful sky or body of water. Since the top shades of blue in 2020 are inspired by the sea and sky, popular selections for many people include icy blue, navy blue, and even blue-grey. Soft, light, and very versatile, icy blue can be used to immediately brighten up various small spaces within your home that have grown a bit dull lately. For those of you who love navy blue, you’ll want to use this shade in rooms where you want to create a strong and commanding presence when people enter, such as your living room that has a vaulted ceiling.

However, if your goal is to find a shade of blue that is soothing and serene, go with blue-grey. By using this color in your bedroom or bathroom, you’ll be able to stare at the ceiling from your bed or bathtub and immediately find yourself feeling as if you’re staring at a pristine sky after a light drizzle. Whatever your preferences, there is no doubt blue is a trendy 2020 color that delivers each and every time.

Top Tips for Trendy Colors
While you may be assuming you have to use these hottest 2020 colors to recreate the look of entire rooms, the good news is that along with that you can also use them in many smaller ways as well. Some of the most common and popular include:
–Updating your kitchen cabinets
–Repainting your front door
–Revitalizing your exterior window trim
–Giving new life to an old piece of furniture

Once you’ve hired your residential painter to help give your home the trendy 2020 look it deserves, you’ll find they can offer you many tips such as ones mentioned above that you may not have thought about beforehand. For example, if you found that one-of-a-kind piece of furniture at a thrift shop, your residential painter can offer suggestions on color schemes and then put their experience to work to create a stunning and masterful piece of furniture that will look great anywhere in your home.

While it is certainly exciting to think about giving your home a whole new look with many of the hottest color trends of 2020, it will be a big job and will go best if you choose to work with professionals who have years of experience and can consult with you on color schemes, schedules, and much more. Thus, when you are ready to hire a home painter, turn to us here at Colorworks Painting in Hilton Head SC. Family-owned and operated, we offer free estimates and make customer service our top priority on each and every job. If you are ready to give your home the best, go with the best here at Colorworks Painting in Hilton Head SC. To get started, give us a call at 843-683-0780 or visit our website at to fill out an online quote request form today.

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