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Is Pressure Washing Needed For Your Hilton Head HOA Community?

Although people were confined to their homes last spring with restrictions, more are venturing out this year. There have been plenty of storms in South Carolina over the past year, and many HOA managers and homeowners are starting to notice that building exteriors are looking dirty. If you manage your HOA or a multi-family community, now is a good time to think about cleaning the exterior surfaces. One simple way to improve the appearance of your community is with pressure washing. Our commercial painting contractors are here to help you make that happen.

What Is a Pressure Washing?

A pressure wash is a great solution for stubborn dirt and debris that a regular garden hose cannot remove. It is also a much simpler task than using scrubbers on poles to wash an exterior surface by hand. A pressure washer does not use any chemicals or harsh soaps. It is a device that has an engine, which powers a pump that creates pressure with the water. Cool water travels through a hose and a special nozzle. The pressure is usually 1,500 to 3,000 pounds per square inch, which is sufficient for blasting away tough residue. Although the pressure washer creates a much stronger pressure than a garden hose, it only uses a fraction of the water that a garden hose uses.

Some people mistakenly refer to a pressure washer as a power washer. While a power washer is similar, it has a heating element that makes the water hot as it passes through. Using hot water is only recommended when necessary. For example, after a major storm that leaves greasy residue on a hard-to-clean surface, power washing may be better. A pressure washer that uses cool water is sufficient for most exterior cleaning needs.

Why Choose a Professional Pressure Wash for Your HOA?

One of the benefits of a pressure washer is that it can clean a large surface in a short amount of time, making the process a minimal disruption to daily life in the community. If your small HOA community needs cleaning, it may be possible to pressure wash every surface in a day. Since residents will enjoy a cleaner environment without a lengthy washing process, they are likely to be agreeable with your decision.

A professional pressure wash is a good investment. It offers an excellent ROI for the value in relation to resident fees. Also, since it is quicker to use a pressure washer than to use a garden hose and sprayer, it saves you from paying your maintenance staff or a hired crew of workers to clean. When you work with a professional company, you also have the assurance that the cleaning crew is insured. If you hire individuals or pay maintenance staff, you face the risk of potential injury claims. That leads to extra expenses, insurance issues and other difficulties.

You can make your current residents and potential buyers feel more confident in your community by keeping it clean and maintained. People who live there will feel more content if they are happy with the maintenance and sanitation measures. Residents often leave when they no longer feel content. If you have visitors who may become residents, they are more likely to come back if they see that you are committed to ongoing maintenance and sanitation. Periodically hiring a company to pressure wash exterior surfaces is a value-packed part of a long-term maintenance strategy.

Is a Pressure Wash Right for Your HOA?

Pressure washing is an excellent solution for dirty driveways and walkways. It may be the right solution for exterior siding on homes and garages as well. If the paint is in good condition, a pressure wash can help restore the beauty of the paint. However, if the paint is peeling or cracking, it may be time to repaint. We also provide exterior painting services, helping you avoid the hassle of looking for a painting contractor as well. We specialize in all forms of exterior surface washing and painting. Our painters will be glad to consult with you on paint colors that comply with your HOA rules.

Why Hire Us To Pressure Wash Your HOA Community in Hilton Head SC?

Colorworks Painting & Designs has the expertise to plan and execute any exterior washing or painting job, and we know how to develop strategies to mitigate any potential issues. Our team works efficiently to finish jobs on schedule and on budget without cutting corners. These are some other benefits of working with us:

  • Our team can focus and work well under pressure or in challenging environments.
  • Our team understands substrates and knows which finishes are compatible with them.
  • Our team uses modern techniques, technologies and equipment.
  • Our team understands the characteristics and properties of different types of paint.

We can also apply specialty coatings to various surfaces. Our commercial painting company understands that you need someone to rely on for your cleaning or painting needs, and we are licensed and fully insured. One of our goals is to give you the confidence you deserve to have when you work with a professional painting company. We do our best to accommodate your scheduling requests for painting or washing projects. When our professional tradespeople arrive at your HOA community, they treat you, the community members and the property with respect and professionalism. For a free quote on our pressure washing services in Hilton Head SC, please call Colorworks Painting & Designs today.

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