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How to Determine if Your South Carolina Home Needs an Exterior Repaint This Spring

Repainting your Charleston SC home’s exterior is a big job, but it will deliver beautiful results that you can enjoy for years to come. In fact, an exterior painting project does more than update curb appeal. As a protective coating, paint can seal the underlying material and prevent significant property damage. Hiring residential exterior painters in Charleston SC to do the work makes it easy to enjoy the full benefits of new paint, and this spring is the ideal time to schedule your project.

Erase Signs of Winter Weather Damage

Charleston SC may not get a lot of winter snow, but rain, ice and high humidity are common. In some cases, moisture from these weather conditions can become trapped underneath the paint. As a result, the coating may start to peel, cracker or blister. In addition, mildew could begin to grow, and this can lead to staining and property damage. Take a moment today to carefully inspect your home’s paint. If you notice any of these signs of weather damage, it may be time to hire residential exterior painters to work on your home.

Update the Protective Layer

Even if the paint is fully intact, it may still not be as protective as it needs to be. Paint will gradually fade over time. When this happens, its protective benefits are diminished, and damage to the underlying surface is more likely to occur. If your home looks discolored and the paint has lost its brightness, an exterior painting project may be necessary to fully protect it from damage in the seasons ahead.

Ensure the Integrity of the Paint

In addition to fading, old paint often develops bubbles, cracks or flakes. If this happens, the underlying siding, trim pieces and other materials may be directly exposed to the elements. Wood can rot, deteriorate and develop mold if the material remains exposed. As the damage progresses, the materials must be replaced to protect the integrity of the home. You can avoid this damage and related repair expenses by repainting your home this spring.

Tackle Mold Growth and Stains

You may need to clean mold and mildew off the side of your home from time to time. However, there may be times when the mold and mildew do not come off or when a stain remains. Professional residential exterior painters can review the areas of concern to see if the materials should be replaced or if the application of fresh paint is necessary.

Improve Underlying Materials

When damaged or old paint is not addressed in a timely manner, the wood or stucco underneath the paint will become damaged. This means that an aesthetic problem has turned into a major repair project. To prevent additional damage, the materials should be replaced, and a new coat of paint is necessary to protect the materials. Your painting team can do all of the work for you without a hassle.

Update Your Home’s Façade

The house color that you once loved may no longer appeal to you. This can affect pride of ownership. An unappealing color could also affect property value and even your ability to sell the home. Regardless of the condition of the current paint and materials, you can enjoy a refreshed look with beautified curb appeal through a quality paint job.

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