Painting Your Kitchen Island

Colorful Ideas to Paint Your Kitchen Island in Hilton Head

Despite being the focal point of the kitchen, islands are often neglected by homeowners when it comes to freshening up aesthetics. Choosing the right color for your island during a kitchen renovation can make a big difference when it comes to visual appeal. At Colorworks Painting & Designs, we’ve been helping Hilton Head SC locals make the right kitchen island paint decisions for years. Here are a few paint color suggestions that can make your island really stand out.


A preference for the color red often indicates that a person is extroverted and enjoys entertaining. It stands to reason that red is a good kitchen island color if you have a sociable nature. Red draws the eye towards whatever it adorns and makes people more energetic. Interior painters who know a thing or two about how color affects mood will tell you that the use of red as a primary or secondary color can change the whole vibe of a space.

The key to getting the most out of a red kitchen island is properly matching it to the surrounding decor. Red is a terrific color for islands if your kitchen has a country or farmhouse theme. Painting most of the island below the countertop red works particularly well if the rest of the kitchen is white. If you have a mid-century modern aesthetic, hiring a painting contractor to give cabinets the same shade of red as the island is a smart move.


For those who view the kitchen as a place that’s meant to be calm and serene, green makes islands look splendid. On a subconscious level, green evokes the primeval forests where our ancestors once frolicked. It’s a great complement to raw, unpainted wood members like exposed ceiling joists and beams. Any earthy green hue will make even the most elaborate kitchen island seem like an indoor extension of the outdoor environment. Ultimately, it’s a timeless color that typically ages quite well.

The great thing about green is it can match virtually every existing color palette under the sun. For instance, a dark forest green is a great option if you have a big kitchen and wish to make it seem a little cozier. Likewise, a lighter olive green is a good choice if your kitchen is cramped and you’d like it to look bigger than it is. An avocado shade is an excellent catch-all choice for islands of all shapes and sizes.


There’s just something about blue that sets most people at ease at first glance. Perhaps its the association with water that gives various shades of blue their ability to produce a calming effect in people from all walks of life. Despite its widespread appeal, blue is a tricky color to deploy effectively in the kitchen. Too much blue can make a kitchen seem monotonous and stifling. Painting just the island blue while opting for lighter complementary colors on other surfaces is ideal.

Generally speaking, very dark blues like navy work best when applied to islands that feature fairly simplistic details. Showcasing intricate woodwork is a lot easier if you pick a light shade of blue like turquoise or cerulean. A dark blue island should feature a few off-white or even gray accents to contrast with the stark color depth. A light blue is a great shade for the island if your kitchen has at least two walls featuring exterior windows that produce natural light.


Though gray might not strike most as the sexiest color option for a kitchen island, it can make a real statement in the right scenarios. Far from being stodgy and conservative, gray tones are quite breathtaking if you pick the right RGB value for your kitchen setup. The reality is that a good gray can complement any primary colors used for cabinet painting or floor staining. If you’re utterly bored with whites, grays are a welcome change of pace for any island.

Gray is a particularly good color for islands that boast a light marble or terrazzo countertop. The juxtaposition between a dark gray island exterior and a cool flat surface will always emphasize the natural beauty of both. What’s more, varying shades of gray will allow you to make the island look smaller or larger depending on the aesthetic you seek. Pick a lighter shade if you desire a greater sense of space or a darker shade if you like a cloistered feel.


There’s no question that black is not for the faint of heart as far as kitchen islands go. It’s a bold, intimidating color that must be applied with care to avoid lousy outcomes. Nevertheless, a good black applied to an island can make your kitchen a one-of-a-kind work of art. A black paint instantly transforms an island from a mere collection of wood into a monolith. It’s probably the hardest look to pull off properly insofar as kitchen design is concerned.

A kitchen with an otherwise white design scheme is a perfect place to implement a black island. A white marble or granite countertop is desirable if you have the means or inclination to make it happen. Black is one of the few colors that doesn’t benefit from ancillary accents in varying shades when it comes to kitchen painting. One simple shade of black that you’re comfortable with will do as long as it doesn’t clash with its surroundings.

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