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Color Trends for South Carolina in 2022

Are you ready to repaint your home’s interior? Perhaps the current paint is peeling, faded or in disrepair. Maybe you simply want to change the color to give your house a makeover, or you may want to repaint it as you prepare to sell it. Many people are repainting their interiors to put their houses the market and appeal to buyers. If that is your purpose, it is important to consider the current colors that many buyers prefer. It also helps to know what the current top colors are if you are simply looking to update your home’s look for your own comfort. At Colorworks Painting & Designs, we take pride in providing quality interior house painting services with results you can trust.

Top Home Interior Paint Colors for 2022

These are some of the top colors for the year that are trendy and classic enough that they will not go out of style in a year or two. They are also versatile enough to work well with a variety of decor themes.

Pale Peach

This is a warm and bright color, but it is also subtle enough that it will not alarm anyone. It is great choice for any room that needs warmth or a little cheer. For instance, it works well in kitchens, sunrooms, exercise rooms, laundry rooms and even guest rooms. Also, pale peach coordinates with many other colors.

Gray Green

Green is a color that has been wildly popular in nearly all forms recently. There are more kitchens with green as a theme color, and many people choose it for rooms where they want to create tranquility. Green is a relaxing color that is perfect for guest rooms, bathrooms, home offices and play rooms for kids. Gray green is a more neutral form of green that blends well with several other colors.

Graphite Gray

Graphite gray is a more pronounced color that adds depth to any room. It also has a rich look that blends well with white, light gray and other shades. Additionally, it looks nice with neutral colors. You have plenty of versatility with this color selection. Graphite gray is good for home libraries, dens, living rooms and other rooms where you want to create an impressive look or add depth.

Beachy Blue Green

Blue and green are both colors that promote calm and relaxation. They both emanate the ocean as well, reminding people of the tranquility of relaxing at the beach. Additionally, they give any room a fresh look. Since the mixture of colors is ideal for creating a calm mood, it works well for bedrooms, children’s playrooms or bathrooms. As you may have guessed, it is also the perfect color choice if you want to create a beach or coastal theme in a room.

Benefits of Professional Home Painting Services

Experienced painters know how to correctly apply paint to maximize its longevity. When you work with a quality house painting company, you have the assurance that you will get the color you want when the paint is dry. Also, professionals know how to help you envision your paint choices in rooms better than a small swatch or sample can help. If you are preparing to put your home up for sale, telling buyers that your home was just professionally painted will give them peace of mind. It shows that you care about the home.

Professional results are also seamless and beautiful. Professionals can help you pick the right color for every room if you need help. If you already have ideas, they simply help you turn them into reality. With more people spending time at home these days, it is important to turn the interior into a place you or the next owners can enjoy.

Schedule Home Painting Services in Charleston SC

At Colorworks Painting & Designs, we take pride in helping people achieve their interior painting goals. Our team works efficiently, using modern techniques and equipment. We have been proudly serving the Charleston area with quality house painting for over a decade. Our painters have years of experience in painting and home remodeling, and we maintain an excellent track record for customer service. We are also fully insured and licensed.

When you work with our friendly and professional tradesmen, you can rest assured that they will finish your project on schedule and within your budget. They will treat you with the utmost respect and will treat your home with the utmost care. We will be happy to discuss home interior paint colors and your scheduling needs with you. For a free estimate on interior home painting services in the Charleston SC area, please contact us.

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