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Avoid This South Carolina Painter At All Costs!

For sure, your home’s exterior painting is an important investment. You and your family could live with the results for years. And if outstanding pros handle this project, your house will be a stunner. Its overall value could rise as well.

On the other hand, imagine what could happen with Charleston SC house painters who are less skilled and less trustworthy. You might end up cringing every time you look at your home.

How, then, can you avoid the wrong painters in South Carolina? After all, careless and unprofessional contractors are lurking out there, just waiting to take your hard-earned dollars. Fortunately, though, several major warning signals can alert you to them.

Monetary Shenanigans

In most cases, it makes sense for a painting company to require a nominal deposit or small upfront payment. That money could pay for some materials, for instance.

However, if your painters demand a large percentage of the costs before the work begins — perhaps more than 50% — you should consider it a red flag.

Similarly, if a painting contractor only accepts cash, look for a different company.

Cheap Paints

Here’s a question to ask every painter you’re considering: Which brand or brands of paint will you use? If those brands are high in quality, it’s reassuring. But, if they’re cheap paints, bid farewell to that company right away.

Maybe you don’t know which brands of paint are top-notch. In that case, you could do a little internet research. Or you might ask someone you know who’s knowledgeable in this area.

A Lack of Insurance

A certain state may or may not require painting companies to have insurance. Either way, no dependable painter would ever work without it. Thus, before you hire any painting contractor, request a copy of its insurance policy. And make this your policy: No insurance means no deal.

A Lack of Experience

How long has a particular painting company been in business? If it’s been thriving in your region for a decade or more, that’s a promising sign. If it’s a newer company, however, you’ll want to find out how well-trained and experienced its individual painters are. Have they worked for other painting contractors in the past?

Simply put, if a company is new and its employees are relatively inexperienced, you’ll probably want to avoid it. Maybe you could hire those people the next time you need your house painted — assuming they’re still in business.

A Lack of Reviews and References

Before making a final selection, read through the online reviews of the painting companies you’re thinking about. If reviews are sparse for a certain contractor, ask that company for a list of past customers who’ve volunteered to be references.

In short, stay away from companies with few internet reviews and no verifiable references.

Generally speaking, when a customer loves the work a company does, that person wants to tell others about it. Therefore, if no one is praising a given contractor, it’s almost surely not worth your business.

No Estimate, No Contract (No Thanks)

Finally, your painting contractor should be able to tell you certain things upfront. Namely, it ought to inform you how long your project will take to finish, which tools and materials will be involved, and how much the assignment will cost.

More to the point, the company should back up those claims with a detailed written estimate and contract.

Collaborating With Colorworks Painting & Designs

We at Colorworks Painting & Designs are proud to say that we share none of the traits listed above. Instead, our Charleston SC painting company is totally reliable and well-known for excellence.

Indeed, we’ve been in business for more than a decade. Our paints and equipment are top of the line. Plus, we have a long list of valued customers who are eager to serve as references. They tell others how we partnered with them to bring their fondest home painting ideas and visions to vivid life.

On top of that, we’re completely insured and licensed. We can also provide you with a detailed written estimate, and we’ll stick to the timeframe and budget that we establish at the start.

Best of all, our friendly and experienced team of expert exterior house painters are meticulous about their craft. They take great care with every detail of every painting project.

If you’d like to learn more about what we could do for your home — or if you’d like to discuss specific topics such as scheduling, exterior painting colors, and so forth — please contact us. Then you could sit back and relax. With our company, you never have to worry about scams, sloppiness, or second-rate results.

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