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6 Things to Consider When Selecting an Exterior Color for Your South Carolina Home

When it comes to selecting exterior paint colors for your home, there are many factors to consider. Certain colors will make your home look more inviting or even vibrant. Others will make your home look dull and lifeless with not enough color contrast. Before you select an exterior paint color for your home, there are some things you need to seriously consider to ensure you get the most from your home exterior coloring. It is not always about the color you select but how it will impact your home.

1. Use Actual Paint Samples

The best way to get an accurate color representation of what your home will look like when it is painted is to use actual paint samples. This is important because you need to understand how the color will look on your home. You should avoid using paint swatches or color samples online because they will not accurately represent what the actual paint color will look like on your home.

2. Observe Different Light

Sunlight plays a vital role in the way your exterior paint colors will look, which is why it is essential to observe your home in different lighting. Different lighting can give you a false impression of what the color will look like on your home and even cause the paint color to look completely different than what you expected. Exterior painters often use a small paint sample to check the color under other lighting conditions. This allows them to ensure the color will look the same when it is painted on your home.

3. Remember Trim

Painting the trim along your home should be part of every exterior painter’s work. This is because trim helps to define the home exterior and gives your home a more inviting look. Trim can even help to make your home stand out when it is painted using a contrasting color. Not all exterior painters will paint trim, so you should ask them if they will before hiring one to paint your home exterior. Some painters may charge you extra for this, while others will break down the total price of their services and let you decide if you want them to include this or not.

4. Observe Different Light

Lighting plays a big role in the way a paint color will look on your home. Residential painting contractors should take time to observe how their paint colors look when they are observed under different lighting conditions. Not all exterior painters take the time to do this, which can cause them to paint the wrong color on your home. You should ask them if they will be painting around windows or other light fixtures so they can use these conditions to ensure that painting your home exterior is done right the first time.

5. Factor in Neighboring House Colors

What color all of the houses in your neighborhood are painted can impact the way your home will look when it is painted. This is important because your neighbors may have already set the standard for what color homes belong in your neighborhood. For example, in Charleston SC, most of the houses are painted in a neutral shade that is close to cream. This is why some Charleston residential painting contractors may choose to paint your home in a cream color, thereby making your house one of the most beautiful homes in the neighborhood.

6. Consider the Building Materials used

Before choosing exterior paint colors for your home, you should always consider the building materials used in your home. This helps to ensure that the paint color you choose will be reflected in the workmanship of your home. Exterior painters should consider the type of siding and even the roofing material used before selecting a color for your home exterior. Residential painting contractors should ensure they do not choose a paint color that does not match these materials, or it may be harder to repaint once you decide to sell your house. The best way to ensure that your selection for your exterior color for your home is by getting a professional residential painting contractor who will assist you with all the factors involved in selecting a paint color for your home exterior. Colorworks Painting & Designs exterior painting in Charleston SC can provide you with a professional residential painter who will assist in ensuring that the color you select for your home exterior will impress all of your family and prospective buyers and even keep them wanting to see more of what you have to offer.

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