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5 Tips on How Not to Deter Shoppers While Painting Your Business

Since the beginning of the year 2020, many businesses have not been doing well. This has mainly been driven by the restrictions put in place by various governments and organizations as a way to cut the spread of coronavirus. As you may have heard by now, Covid-19 is mainly transmitted through body fluids such as small droplets of saliva that leave our mouths when we talk, laugh, or cough.

One of the best ways to combat the spread of coronavirus is by covering our faces with a face mask and observing a distance of about three meters from each other. However, as people learn more about the virus, they have developed more strategies of flattening the curve while still resuming daily operations. As a result, economies have begun to reopen slowly, which will help revive the economy and bring back jobs.

As businesses look forward to reopening and capitalize on the holidays, they need to be prepared to attract as many customers as possible. Most businesses were closed for prolonged periods during the lockdown, and most of them have deteriorated. As such, most of them need minor repairs as well as new coats of paint to rejuvenate the atmosphere.

Colorworks painting is a Hilton Head SC company that specializes in commercial painting. They have highly trained and skilled painters that can handle all types of painting jobs. The painters also work with the latest equipment for all kinds of painting and coating jobs.

Colorworks Painting are commercial painters that can help you rejuvenate and revive your business with new, bright, and friendly colors. Most commercial interior painters prefer to work on vacant properties since it is much easier and faster to paint in an uninhabited building.

However, sometimes it’s not possible to close down for painting. The building has to be painted as business goes on. Most commercial internal painters have no problem conducting their jobs as shoppers go ahead with their shopping.

If you plan to paint your business as commercial activities go on, you should be well prepared to avoid any accidents or incidents .Here are five tips on how not to deter shoppers as you take on as a panting project.

Section and partition of the area being worked on

If you choose to paint your business with clients coming in and leaving, you need a comprehensive plan. One of the most crucial aspects of planning is knowing which sections will be painted at what time. The paint job needs to be divided into several sections that the painters can work on in turn. This helps to ensure that business can carry on unhindered in other sections of the building

The areas being painted should be partitioned and cordoned off. This helps to protect unknowing customers from leaning into wet paint. Sectioning off an area helps the painters to work seamlessly without being distracted by the clients or business activities. Cordoning the areas also helps to promote the safety of the personnel and equipment.

Put up adequate notices throughout

If you agree with your commercial painting contractor to take on a painting project as shoppers go on shopping, you should put adequate notices. This should be large and easy to read notices that you will place at various strategic points.

Notices help alert clients about ongoing painting jobs, thus allowing them to be more careful as they carry on with their activities. These notices also help parents with small children to be more aware of what their kids are up to. Kids can be quite adventurous, and they are attracted to various equipment and supplies, such as those used by painters.

Notices should be erected a few weeks before the commercial painters actually begin to work. Putting up the notices a few weeks helps the customers and the staff members to be mentally prepared for the painters. A good notice should also have details about which sections the painters will be working on in a particular day.

Work on-off peak hours

Another great way to avoid deterring shoppers during painting is by working on off-peak hours. Off-peak hours are the hours that the business is less busy. Depending on what business you are in, off-peak hours could range from early morning to afternoons.

Business owners should plan painting jobs around off-peak hours since there is less traffic, and the painters can work more freely. Painting on off-peak hours helps to minimize potential accidents since there are fewer people, which means that the risks are significantly reduced.

It might also be a good idea for the painters to work during the time other staff are on break, e.g., at lunchtime. Working at this time allows the commercial painting contractors to work on areas that could be hard to work on with employees present.

Have someone ready to assist clients in high-risk areas

It may also be a good idea to have an employee or several employees assigned to helping clients get the items they need. This can help to reduce the number of incidents and accidents during the course project. The assigned employees can help customers find and locate items that might have been moved or cordoned off.

Having staff members help out find any items will reduce the number of clients in the high-risk areas. The staff members can also be crucial in promoting safety. The assigned staff can help to ensure that no children wanders off and gets in contact with the painter’s supplies or equipment.

The painting tools, equipment, and supplies out of the clients reach

Another great way to promote safety during a painting job is by ensuring all the tools and supplies are away from clients. Leaving supplies and equipment lying around increases the chances of someone bumping off into the item. This can cause costly damage or bodily harm.

Always ensure that the paint contractors keep their tools and supplies at least 10 feet away from the boundary line. This will help to ensure that there is adequate space between a person and the equipment. The supplies and equipment should also be kept in an open, well-lit area so that they can be seen easily. If your company needs specialized commercial painting services in Hilton Head SC, please feel free to consult us on the schedule or any other paint-related query that you may have. To ask for a quote or other queries, please call us today. Our highly skilled commercial painters are waiting to rejuvenate your business.

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