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5 Ideas to Make an Interesting Statement When Painting Your South Carolina Ceilings

When getting a feel for a room, most people focus on the walls, furniture, and eye-level decorations. What they often fail to notice is the effect the ceiling is having on the entire atmosphere of the setting. Ceilings have a subtle way of establishing the mood and ambiance of a room. By designing your ceiling a certain way or painting it a particular color, you can give a room the exact feel you’re aiming for.

A professional painting contractor can build on your ideas to create a truly bold, pleasing aesthetic. Colorworks Painting & Designs has the knowledge and experience to turn your building into the best-looking spot in Hilton Head SC. Here are some ideas to consider for your ceiling before calling in our expert interior painters.

Use Dark, Bold Colors

Painting your ceiling a dark, bold hue will accentuate the colors in the rest of the room, especially if the area already features lighter walls and decorations. Don’t be afraid of making a statement with the color of the ceiling. Bright yellow or teal ceilings are excellent for bathrooms and kitchens, while darker colors are more appropriate for living rooms and bedrooms. While choosing such a bold color might seem like a gamble, it’s actually a proven method for creating a balanced, striking aesthetic. Once you see the work completed, you’ll be glad you mustered the courage to make such a confident decision.

Create Contrast

There’s no rule saying that every part of your ceiling has to be the same color. In fact, using different shades on lighting fixtures, molding, and decorative trimmings is a great way to accentuate certain features and add some contrast to the room. Not only will the contrast make the base color of the ceiling stand out further, but it can also complement the rest of the room’s decor. The strategic use of different colors can turn a boring ceiling into the perfect compliment to an interesting, tasteful room. While all sorts of color combinations could work for your particular setting, a dark ceiling with white trimming is a popular choice.

Add Texture for the Perfect Finish

Using flat or matte finish paint is a great way to cover up blemishes while adding some texture to the ceiling. Older homes in particular are prone to cracks, bumps, and other eyesores. A flat or matte finish paint, especially when applied by an experienced painting contractor, will render these blemishes practically invisible. Paint can also be used to create swirls and other textural adornments. If you’re really feeling bold, you can even use glitter to give the room some extra dazzle. Whatever strategy you choose to adopt, a good paint job should give your ceiling just the texture you’re after.

Try Installing Decorative Metal Tiles

To give your room a look that’s at once retro and contemporary, considering installing decorative metal tiles. These sturdy plates were once common in places of business, and now they’re making a serious comeback. Given their stylish appearance and impressive durability, it’s no surprise they’re back in vogue. While some people leave them their natural metallic color, others paint them so that they match the rest of the room. You don’t have to worry about a paint job covering the unique style of the tiles. Their texture and vintage feel are so powerful that they’ll shine through any amount of paint.

Give Beadboard and Siding a Chance

Beadboard and siding are also great options for adding a little texture and style to a ceiling. You can use these versatile materials in a number of exciting ways. Stained siding has a delightful tendency to give a room an old-fashioned, rustic appearance. Beadboard and siding can also be painted to match the rest of the room. Different styles and textures will liven up the appearance of the room while making the ceiling look higher than it is. If you’re after a bold, surprising aesthetic that really makes a room stand out, don’t hesitate to give these classic materials a try.

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There’s no reason to condemn your home to dullness with plain white ceilings. With so many exciting ceiling ideas to choose from, there’s no reason not to go bold and give your home a truly invigorating spirit. To really make your ceilings dazzle, you need a painting contractor you can count on. At Colorworks Painting & Designs, we pride ourselves on the quality of our work. Our Hilton Head interior painters have what it takes to make your home or business beautiful. Call us today to talk about your plans, decide on a design, and schedule the project. We’ll use our expertise to steer you towards the colors and styles that will provide the vibes you’re after. Before you know it, your stylish ceiling will be the highlight of the room.

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